High accuracy universal (tension & compression) column type inline load cell. Female threads each end provide multiple fixing options.

Suitable for static and dynamic force measurement, with high cycle life and long-term resistance to fatigue.

Typical applications: Materials testing, actuator control, line tension monitoring.




Rated Capacities ¹ 50 , 100 , 250 , 500 kN
Full Scale Output (FSO) 1.5 (nominal) mV/V
Zero Output (ZO) < ± 1 % FSO
Bridge Resistance 700 (nominal) Ω
Excitation 5 to 15 V ac/dc
Non-repeatability 0.02 % FSO
Accuracy ² 0.1 % FSO
Compensated temp. 0 to +50 °C
Operating temp. -10 to +70 °C
Environmental Sealing IP65 to BS EN60529
Capacity H T
50 kN 110 M24 x 2p
100 kN 175 M30 x 2p
250 kN 220 M36 x 3p
500 kN 300 M56 x 4p
  • Universal Column Load Cell
  • 50kN to 500kN
  • Tension & Compression
  • High Stability

Connections :

Screw fitting chassis socket.

Mating plug and 3 Metre cable (unless extra specified). ³

Options :

  • Tension & compression fittings.
  • Standardised output for multiple cell systems.
  • Instrumentation / system calibration.
  • 6-core cable connection.

¹ Safe overload 150% Rated Capacity.
  Ultimate load 300% Rated Capacity.

² Combined error, considering non-linearity & hysteresis as deviation from best straight line, from ZO to FSO.

Correct mounting of the load cell is essential to achieve optimum

³ Calibration void if cable length is altered.

The information provided is intended for product description only.
Specifications are subject to change.
Full product details available on request.

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