Tension, Compression & Bi-Directional Load Cell Sensors

Our standard range of tension, compression and bi-directional load cells. Designed, manufactured and calibrated inhouse, and supplied with our range of instruments.

If the product required is not listed below, please contact us to discuss your requirement. Over the years we have accumulated hundreds of load cells designs to suit an ever increasing variety of applications.

(25 kg to 5000 kg)
FSB S-Beam Load Cell
S-beam load cells combine measurement precision in both tension and compression, with simple attachment and insensitivity to off-axis forces. This makes them suitable for a huge variety of load measurement ...
(2 tonne to 50 tonne)
Compact compression load cells suitable for industrial weighing and static or dynamic force measurements.

Rated capacities from 2tonne to 50tonne. ...
(0.5 tonne to 10 tonne)
Low profile disc-type compression load cell, ideal for installations with limited headroom. Manufactured in stainless and fully sealed, suitable for permanent installation in harsh environments. ...
(50 kN to 500 kN)
High accuracy universal (tension & compression) column type inline load cell.
Female threads each end provide multiple fixing options. ...
(0.5 tonne to 10 tonne)
Stainless steel low profile weigh module for tank weighing. Includes self aligning top plate, integral lift-off prevention and jacking nuts ...
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Tension, Compression & Bi-Directional Load Cell Sensors