Load-Master Load Cells by Force Logic UK

Used in a huge range of suspended load measurement, proof load testing and overhead weighing processes, the versatile LOAD-MASTER ‘load link’ tension load cells are the workhorse of our product range.

The standard portable load cell system includes handheld indicator in either cabled or wireless connection, mounted in a carry case (100, 200 & 300 tonne units supplied in wooden crates).

LOAD-MASTER wireless load cells also available with an extensive range of indicating, recording and control instruments for specific requirements.

Commonly used for proof load testing of cranes and lifting equipment, over head weighing in material handling processes, and measuring multi-point suspended loads.

LOAD-MASTER load cell systems can be adapted and customized to suit the specific requirement  of the operation, including multi-channel logging, large high visibility displays and control system outputs. 

(1000 kg to 4750 kg)
LOAD-MASTER LITE tension link load cells provide the ideal solution for proof load testing structures and rigging, load measurement of hoists and lifting equipment, and as crane scales for weighing ...
(5 tonne to 300 tonne)
Stainless steel bushes protect attachment holes against elongation and allow self-alignment, rated capacities from 5tonne to 300tonne.  ...
(3.25 tonne to 100 tonne)
LOAD-MASTER SLP load shackles offer a convenient solution for load testing and overload protection ...
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