Typical Applications

Load monitoring, load limiting & overload protection in lifting equipment

Load monitoring

There are numerous possibilities for load indication/control and overload protection of hoists and lifting systems.

Force Logic UK supply inline load cells and load pins for dead end attachments, or axle load pins for sheaves where dead end installation isn’t suitable.
The load measurement system can include redundancy (dual output load cells, or independent load cells) and instruments may include relay setpoints, data output to PLC, remote displays, alarm beacons, wireless transmission.

Industrial Weighing

Industrial Weighing with Load Cells

Complete weighing systems for industrial scales, storage vessels and weigh hoppers (suspended or floor mounted), weigh platforms, load balancing, hanging scales.

System components are configured to the exact requirement of the customer, providing a tailored solution to each individual application.

From simple weight indication to fully integrated process control, instrumentation options can include: digital display, signal output to PLC, printer, datalogging, wireless transmission, network connection.
In addition, we offer service, repair, replacement and calibration of all industrial weighing equipment.

Force Measurement

The variety of force measurement solutions we supply is vast, across an equally broad array of industry, research and educational establishments.
A selection of the more common requirements are listed here.

Force Gauges

Force Gauges

Universal force gauges for tension or compression measurement from 500N to 50kN as standard.

Typical applications include testing of production machinery, presses, vehicle brake testers and line tension measurement.

Crane Load Testing & Structural Proof Testing

Crane Load Testing

LOAD-MASTER load cells, manufactured by Force Logic UK, are commonly used for proof testing cranes and lifting machinery, verifying on-board load measurement systems, and proof loading of materials and structures.

Sport Science Research

Sport Science Research

We supply load cell systems to several universities and institutes within the field of physiology and biomechanics research.

Brake Tester Load Cells

Brake Tester Load Cells

Repair and supply of load cells for car and commercial vehicle brake testing machines.


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