Highly configurable indicator with a vast range of input / output and power supply options to suit any industrial weighing and control system. Standard weighing functions include batching and weighbridge modes. Available with 2 and 4 independent load cell inputs to display individual loads and total. Wireless version also available.

EXL Load Cell Indicator
Power Supply Options 110 – 250 VAC

12-24 VDC

Input Range 0.5 to 3mV/V
Load Cell Excitation 5VDC (up to 16 x 350Ω load cells)
Accuracy ±0.01% range
Displays 6-digit 25mm LED

2 x 20 alphanumeric LCD

Thermal Stability 2ppm /°C
Dimensions 260 x 160 x 65 mm
Output Options:

     – Digital

     – Analogue

     – Relay (opto-isolated)



1 to 16

  • Load Cell Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • High Visibility Display
  • Output Options Available
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Wall / Bulkhead Mounted

EXL is a versatile and highly configurable indicator. The range of input and output
options make it suitable for any industrial weighing or process control application.
The usual weighing and batching functions are included as standard including
preset tare, recipe formulation, totalising, printing.
Front panel keypad allows for simple data entry and programming and a second
alphanumeric display provides simultaneous reading of tare values, running totals
and status messages.
2-channel and 4-channel inputs available for display and control of individual load
cells and scales, load balancing, centre of gravity calculation and vehicle weighing.
Wireless version available with suitable transmitter (enquire for details).

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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