Load Cell Calibration FAQ

load cell calibration

What is load cell calibration?

Calibration of measuring instruments is the comparison of an instrument’s readings against a device of known accuracy to verify its operation to specifications or standards.
For load cells and weighing instruments this usually means applying a known load up to the rated capacity of the unit under test, either using masses or a force generating machine with a reference load cell.

Why should I calibrate my load cell?

Periodic calibration of load cells ensures measurements are reliable, repeatable and within accepted tolerances of accuracy.
A load cell comprises several interacting components
-the spring element (load cell body), that deflects in proportion to applied load
-the bonded strain gauge, that changes resistance in proportion to spring element deflection
-the signal conditioner (amplifier/display) that increases output in proportion to resistance change
Any component may suffer small changes in their response over time due to intensity of use, environmental influences and loading conditions – particularly when impact loads, vibration or overload occurs.

How often should I calibrate my load cell?

We recommend load cells are inspected and calibrated yearly to ensure validity of measurements and safe operation.
While periodic calibration may be dictated by a quality management system, by conformance to standards and regulations relating to specific industrial processes, or by legislation, the actual timescale may not be specified. Ultimately it is the equipment owner’s decision and will be influenced by how critical the equipment is to their operation and how intensively it is used.

What calibration does Force Logic UK provide?

Force Logic UK provide a UKAS traceable load cell calibration service. This means our calibration reference equipment is calibrated by a UKAS accredited body operating the ISO 17025 standard.
We also provide full UKAS calibrations through the same accredited laboratories if required.

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