The most versatile load measurement system in our range 1 tonne to 100 tonne...
Standard tension and compression load cells, covering capacities from 5kg to 2000 tonne...
Common customer applications for our products...
Design & manufacture of bespoke load cells...

Force Logic UK supplies high quality load cells and load cell instrumentation to a wide variety of industrial processes and research projects. Our load cells, manufactured in the UK within the scope of our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, provide for precise and reliable measurements within all load monitoring, force measurement and industrial weighing applications.

Suitable for the measurement of static loads and dynamic forces in tension or compression, our load cells cover a huge range of rated capacities from 1kg to over 1000 tonnes.


The requirements for our products and services are extremely varied throughout all industry sectors including automotive,
aerospace, manufacturing, motorsport, construction, education and research & development.

Common applications include: monitoring and control in lifting and material handling operations,
aircraft and vehicle testing, materials testing, press monitoring and control, calibration systems.

Many of the products listed here are available from stock or within short timescales.
Even our custom designed solutions, from inception to delivery, can be completed in unparalleled lead times.

Whatever your load, force or weight measurement requirement, Force Logic UK is
committed to helping you find the right solution.

From standard product components to bespoke integrated systems, we have a solution.
Our full range of LOAD-MASTER wireless load cells are available for hire from 1tonne to 100tonne ...
Fast turnaround calibration of all types of load cells, crane scales and weighing systems using test...
Specialist provider of load cells, load measurement systems and industrial weighing solutions....


At the centre of every load cell is the strain gauge system, the quality installation of which is the essence of reliable load measurements. It is no coincidence that the company was founded on this principle and continues to be at the core of our operations.

Since the early days of offering strain gauge installation services the business has steadily developed to include the full range of services we offer today, to a global customer base, within the scope of our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System:

  • Load Cell Manufacturer
  • Supplier of load cell systems and instrumentation
  • Support for all makes and models
  • Custom Design and OEM products
  • Hire

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load cells
A load cell sensor is a type of transducer that converts force into an electrical signal, with change in signal (output) proportional to change in force (input)
load cell calibration
Periodic calibration of load cells ensures measurements are reliable, repeatable and within accepted tolerances of accuracy
We have supplied several weighing systems to monitor fuel storage levels in biomass energy production plants
LOAD-MASTER LITE is becoming the product of choice for monitoring hoist loads
Load pins designed and manufactured for integrated load measurement on chain hoists – replaces the existing clevis pins
FSB – the load cell with a thousand uses. We’ve lost count of the number of different applications customers have used them for
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